A Persona 5 Series Fan-story.

Dearest reader,

This story focuses on a large cast of Persona-users around the same age, not-quite brought together by some out-of-universe force. Characters exclusive to Royal, Strikers, and Q2 will make appearances, plus brief cameos from other Persona entries. Here are some highlights to the AU:

  • Shujin is a boarding school.

  • Characters are almost always written as bi, thirsty, and polyamorous.

  • I will be writing some characters as trans, and some of them will be referred to using they/them pronouns.

  • All of Joker's confidants and many other characters have been reworked as Shujin students. Most are first- or second-years, some are third-years.

  • The canonical Phantom Thieves don't all appear on the same division of the Phantom Thieves.

  • Non-human characters (Lavenza, Morgana, etc.) all have human forms in the Metaverse, and non-human forms in reality. Several of them have cool shapeshifting tricks, not just Morgana.

Some elements are inspired by the setup of Persona Q games:

  • There's a focus on interactions between characters who haven't met in canon, like Sophia & Jose or Iwai & Yusuke.

  • Characters will eventually form up in three different divisions of Phantom Thieves, similar to how there are three teams in Q2.

  • There are elements of time-travel and characters traveling from alternate realities, which manifests mainly through the characters' personas.

  • Characters that are Confidants in Royal will start with already awakened personas, like how everyone in Persona Q games starts with their persona.

♥ Hearts for the Taking ♥

For my own preference and enjoyment, characters with canonical familial or family-like relationships aren't in the same teams/polycules, even if their relationship has been changed by the AU. This means, for example, Akira, Sojiro, and Futaba will all be placed in different polycules, even though their family dynamic has been reworked for this fic.

A cast/team/polycule list is here. (Spoilers!)

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